Veneto, Italy

Winemaker: Emilio Fidora
Size: 140 ha

Vineyards: Valpolicella, Valdobbiadene
Varieties: Glera, Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella

"In 1974 Guido Fidora, decided to convert the family estate into organic agriculture. Today, Civranetta estate is one of the oldest examples of organic-cultivated environment in our country and the oldest one in Veneto region.  

To us, being organic doesn’t only mean going back to some “good old principles”, it means moving a step forward in terms of quality, health, sustainability and environmental responsibility.

For this reason, we consider matching the latest technology in this sector together with the experience inherited by the older generations as fundamental. "

1037 Budapest,

Csillaghegyi út 13. 

+36 1 453 6023

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