Tokaj, Hungray

Winemaker: Juhász Szabolcs
Size: 42 ha
ineyards: Percze, Nyúlászó, Betsek, Lapis, Henye, Suba, Danczka
Varieties: Furmint, Hárslevelű, Sárgamuskotály

"Since 2010, the winery has been working according to organic and biodynamic principles and even before that their dry wine had been made along such lines since 2007. The estate has possibly taken a slightly more rustic direction as of late, while we cannot wait to see the outcome of the organic cultivation. Their sparkling wine is still one of the best ones in Tokaj-Hegyalja and their 2006/2007 aszú wines still possess incomparable depth. All in all, Királyudvar serves up distinctive high-quality wine despite the size of the estate. Its sister estate, the Loire’s Domaine Huet, represents a similar view." //

1037 Budapest,

Csillaghegyi út 13. 

+36 1 453 6023

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