Szerém, Serbia

Winemaker: Maurer Oszkár
Size: 6 ha at Dél-Csongrád , 9 ha at Szerémség
Vineyards: Talán Terem, Kastély, Cseresznyés, Högyek, Fodor, Nagy Krisztus, Krisztus, Remete, Nagy Kárász, Telek
Varieties: Kadarka, Piros Magyarka, Szerémi Zöld, Bakator, Ezerjó, Kövidinka, Cabernet Sauvignon, Kékfrankos, Olaszrizling, Mézes Fehér, Merlot,Sárgamuskotály, Rajnai Rizling, Pinot Noir, Furmint

" Our family (Maurer) moved from Salzburg to the south part of Hungary within the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in the 19th century. We have been dealing with the production of wine for four generations, and since the fall of communism were we been given the opportunity of competitive wine production. Seizing this opportunity, our family decided to plant grapes in the old royal Hungarian wine region in Szerémség (Syrmia/Karlowitz). We farm 16 acres of land altogether, 6 acres of which are found in the Szabadka wine region, and 10 acres in Szerémség on the Tarcal (Fruška Gora) mountains, which are being farmed with the help of twelve of our colleagues. 

The Szabadka wine region is located in Vojvodina, Serbia, directly south of the Hungarian-Serbian border. Many of these grapes are more than a hundred years old. The Szerémi zöld (Syrmia Green) and Bakator were planted in 1909, the Kövidinka (Ston Siller) in 1925 and 1941. Our oldest Kadarka is one of the oldest in the world of its kind since it was planted in 1880. These grapes are typically cultivated by horse and manpower

The essence of the wine region in Szerémség are the Tarcal (Fruska Gora) mountains. It is a nearly 500 million-year-old formation made up of volcanic and sedimentary rocks. The Danube’s vicinity makes the climate of many terroirs’ unique and favorable, which is coupled with the soil’s geological composition. The fermentation is done spontaneously without the use of any additives. The sulfur levels in our white vines range from 30 to 90 mg/l, in the red wines from 20 to 60 mg/l. Most of the wines are yeasted and ripen in oak barrels. The red wines are bottled unfiltered."

1037 Budapest,

Csillaghegyi út 13. 

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