Tokaj, Hungary

Winemaker: Szarka Dénes
Size: 2,5 ha

Vineyards: Dancka, Juharos, Sarkad, Suba, Szilvás

Varieties: Furmint, Hárslevelű, Sárgamuskotály

" In our village, there are about 1100 acres of the vine. Our winery cultivates 1.9 acres in the village of Mád in Juharos, Dancka, Szilvás, and Nyúlászó hills which are called dűlö here.

 „OUR AIM IS TO PRODUCE NATURALISTIC WINE, which shows the character, mineral taste and distinct acidity of the Mád Terroir.”

 In order to reach this aim, we work with organic plant protection on old plantations, achieving low yield in the vineyards. After hand-harvest, we process the grape using natural yeast only, without enzymes, and with the help of traditional, manual Kossuth press in the cellar.

 The viticulture of the vine of the winery is supervised by Bertalan Szarka, the wine is produced by Dénes Szarka oenologist, and the guests are hosted by Enikő Szarka. "

1037 Budapest,

Csillaghegyi út 13. 

+36 1 453 6023

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